Sussex Professional Golfers Union


Results 2018

Date Event Venue Winning Pro Winning Team View
January14th  – 21st Invitational Pro-AM Portugal  David Mills E. Owens/N. Hart/J. Perry/J. Liste 
February 15th Winter Series/AGM  Royal Eastbourne GC  Giles Velvick  
March 1st Alliance Brighton & Hove GC Weather - Cancellation  
March 21st   Alliance Willingdon GC Weather - Cancellation  
April 11th The Dinner Cup Pro-Am West Hove GC  Ben Harmer C. Taylor/S. Taylor/L. Taylor 
April 26th   The Professional - Spring Meeting Cooden GC  Paul Nessling  
May 3rd Alliance Bognor GC  Gary Colson  N. King/C. Twiner
May 11th  Pro-Am Royal Eastbourne GC  Alan Harrison P. Nessling/S. Howard/K. Redmond/M. Hawkins 
May 22nd    Alliance  Littlehampton GC   Wayne Hawes T. Cousins/G. Chalfont 
May 25th Pro-Am Lottbridge GC  Lea Cooper J. Elliott/C. Topping/M. Devson/T. James 
June 8th  Pro-Am Ifield GC  Mike Bullen  L. Ringrose/C. Hilton/D.Stevens/O.Pyle
June 14th Alliance Ifield GC  CHester Jervis G. Mobsley, M. Read 
June 29th  Pro-Am Wellshurst GC  J. Eliott/J. Partridge J. Elliott/O. Bates/C. Topping/B. James 
July 18th Alliance Piltdown GC  Charles Giddins  L. Malaws/P. Attridge
July 20th  Pro-Am  Horam Pk GC  Glyn Bateman A. Da Siva/, W.Lynn/ N. Clough
August 8th Pro-Am Willingdon GC  J. Sharp/M. Fairhall A. Killik/A. Sharpin/C. Strong/S. Verth 
August 15th The Bill Watts Trophy- The Championship West Hove GC  Jonny Ingram  
August 28th The Riseborough Littlehampton GC  Tony Hilton  
September 5th The 72nd Sussex Open Championship Hollingbury Pk GC  Jason Partridge  
September 13th Alliance Nevill GC  B. Firkins C. Wilson/A. Jolley 
September 21st  Pro - Am  Piltdown GC  G. Bateman B. Feihn/D. Dice/P. Smythe/B. Hawes 
September 27th Sponsors Pro-Am West Hove GC  C. Rota  W. Lynn/A. Da Silva/I Smith
October 4th Alliance Cooden GC  M. Andrews G. Chalfont/ L. Malaws 
October 11th  Pro-Am  Brighton & Hove GC    
October 18th Alliance  Ham Manor GC  Giles Velvick  R. Ziljstra,P. Dobson
October 24th Matchplay Finals Neutral GC    
November 14th Alliance Cowdray Pk GC  Danny Carter S. Neate/J. Williams 
December 12th Xmas Fare Royal Eastbourne GC